People Performance Improvement Services

Partnering with your organization to maximize profits and scale new heights in a way that increases efficiency and performance,

using our proprietary MIDAS methodology based on the “Rockefeller Habits”


Inventory Reduction Services Using Theory Of Constraints

TOC uses Buffer Management to allow better throughput by using demand-pull (replenishment orders) to manage procurement, production, transportation & warehousing, thereby reducing inventory.


Project Cycle Time  Reduction Services using Theory of Constraints

Critical chain project management (CCPM) for managing projects including resource planning and  aggregating safety time added to tasks within a project into the buffers—to protect due-date performance

Our expertise and proprietary methods are proven and tailored to each specific enterprise.  Our experience spans industries under varied verticals and our successes prove that our methodology of identifying and monitoring the critical control points of a business is the key to its growth.

Warehousing & Distribution