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Anil Sivadas,  President

Anil is a visionary leader, with over 25 years of management experience. A true entrepreneur by spirit, he has consistently guided the company with his exceptional aptitude for innovation and strategic direction.

Through his career, he has garnered many years of multi-sectoral experience in manufacturing, IT services, consulting and investment management. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.

Having started many successful ventures on his own, he is aware of the problems an entrepreneur encounters and has developed a system of markers and indices that allows an entrepreneur to grow his business successfully through minimum intervention. He has an innate ability to find the simplest root cause for even the most complex of problems and is an ardent proponent of the win-win methodology to resolve any negotiation.

Ravi Sankar, Chief Executive Officer

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Ravi Sankar is an enterprising leader, with 32 years of senior management and entrepreneurial experience. A mechanical engineering graduate, Ravi has extensively worked in the manufacturing industry and is a Materials Management expert. He has also done the Management Program for Technologists from IIM, Bangalore.


Apart from these, Ravi is also an experienced Management Auditor. Further, motivated by the idea of entrepreneurship, Ravi had also founded and led a BPO services company for 15 years. He joined Fonds Nikkel Consulting in 2016. He has been highly instrumental in the growth of Fonds Nikkel, building the company to what we are today. 


Always cheerful and fun-loving, Ravi has an intrinsic nature of questioning stereotypes and seeking unique ways of approaching a problem and finding solutions. He is an avid reader and loves to listen to Carnatic music.


Wilfred Fernandes,  Principal Consultant

Wilfred is an industry leader with more than 28 years of diverse experience. He holds a degree in Engineering and a degree from IIM, Bangalore. He has been associated with  BPL Soft Energy Systems Ltd & BPL Ltd and has also steered Enventure Engineering LLP as it's Managing Director.

He has an incredible ability to compartmentalize complex processes and is constantly finding ways to help improve efficiencies, save time and reduce aggravation.


His expertise lies in Business Development & Management, Customer Orientation & Leadership, Manufacturing, R&D, Engineering, Supply Chain and Quality Management to name a few.

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